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Nestled in the rustic and tranquil enclave of Kranji, Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe is the perfect getaway for your family and furkid. Escape into a world of nature. Go for a walk with your precious one. Take in the sights of lush greenery. Bond together with your precious one over a whiff of fresh air. 

We don’t just create a relaxed ambiance for you and your furkid to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, we have a handful selection of delights to satisfy you and your furkid’s palates.

Do what you love and love what you do! This way, there will be much joy when you work. That’s our belief. As dog lovers, we understand and know the convenience and joy of having a dog-friendly place that not only serves nice dishes but more importantly, a team of passionate people that really take care of you and your dog’s needs. 

That’s why we have thoughtfully designed a holistic experience around you and your dog. From sipping a cup of gourmet coffee and enjoying a delectable meal with another dog lover to having your pet’s training enquires answered by professional on certain days and watching your dog play and have fun. We have a spacious outdoor area of approximately 3500sf, as well as a 9m by 4m pet-friendly pool with Booster Bath to let your dog have a nice and hygienic place to shower, which of course comes with a blower to dry your furkid. Indeed, Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe is the haven for you and your furkid. 

That’s not all: we envision Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe to be a social spot where dog lovers and their pets can come together and make friends with one another, we take pride in providing you and your dog with the most innovative experience.

On selected days, a seasoned trainer with over 25 years of experience will visit the cafe. He is also a certified trainer with the Singapore Police Force K9 Unit. To date, he has trained countless of dogs with success. He will be conducting scheduled appearances and giving free pet advise at the cafe.

Live, Laugh, Love!